Marimo Ball Terrarium

Marimo Ball Terrarium

Marimo is an algae (Aegagropila linnaei) that grow into a green ball with velvety appearance. Their natural habitats are fresh water lakes in Japan, Australia and Northern Europe.

  • Material of Container: Glass, cork cover with battery operated LED light.
  • Vessel Size: Diameter 10cm, Height: 11cm
  • Plants in the terrarium: 2 Marimo Balls, Size: 1cm diameter 
  • Decoration: glass pebbles, artificial aquatic plant, seashells, 1 glass figurine (puffer fish)
  • Care Tips: Keep away from heat and direct sun, change water once or twice a month. 


Picture shown is For Reference only, actual product will vary according to your preferences.

Marimo Ball Terrarium